Marketing Specialist


I have cultivated long-term business relationships and built an extensive marketing career as a multifaceted marketing team member and a one-woman, in-house advertising agent. I am often retained to strategize, design, and produce cost-effective marketing solutions budgeted for today’s economy. I remain current with the many SEO, SEM, SMO integration methods. I am experienced in the complexities of utilizing inbound and outbound marketing practices. I work with a long line of cost-efficient, quality assured vendors. I am not afraid to plan and restrategize as the challenging economic climate shifts. My performance as an innovative creative strategist is demonstrated through a vast body of work spanning 19 years and counting.



Computer platforms: PC and Macintosh

Computer software: Adobe Suite CS 4,5 (In Design, Photoshop, Illustrator), Quark, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel, and Word

Online: Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), Word Press, Web Ex, Go To, and Constant Contact

Communications: Editorial writing, public relations, designing elaborate visual presentations, and creating internal/external campaigns

An Original


Anyone that knows me will tell you I live and breathe for creative expression. I am a reliable, experienced, marketing savvy professional who thrives in an in-house office environment. Whether I am suited up or business casual, you can always count on me for remarkable strategic plans, creative consistency, and measurable results.


I have a passion for all things artistic, particularly eclectic interior design. I find fulfillment in stage acting from my heart, sparking a laugh and singing from my soul.